How do I select an entertainer? Please choose your top 2-3 entertainers from our female or male galleries before making your reservation. We will make every attempt to get you the entertainer(s) of your choice, however all bookings are subject to availability and we cannot guarantee that you will always get your requested entertainer. 

How do I reserve an entertainer? We specialize in last minute bookings, however we recommend reserving your entertainer at least one week prior to your event. When calling in your reservation be sure to have the date, time and address of the event. 

Do the entertainers get naked? Female entertainers will provide a gradual strip tease to nude, floor show, and lap dance. Male entertainers will provide a gradual strip tease to a g-string (nude upon request), floor show, and lap dance. All other add-ons (e.g. additional lap dances) or extras are on a tip basis, and discussed with the dancer upon arrival. If your entertainer(s) are to strip to fully nude, please be sure that your party guests will be comfortable with this. 

Are there any restrictions on party locations? Entertainer(s) will perform at just about any private location (e.g. someone’s house, a hotel room, private banquet room, party bus, etc.). You can also have the entertainer perform at a public location (e.g. lodge, office, bar, nightclub, etc.). If your event is at a public location, you must have a private room if you plan on having the entertainer(s) strip topless or nude. Otherwise, the entertainer(s) are only allowed to strip to a bikini or lingerie (females) or boxers (males). 

Are there any age restrictions? All party guests / participants must be at least 18 years of age. No exceptions! 

Can I take photos and/or video?Entertainers may not be videotaped or photographed without their permission. If a party guest is caught taking pictures of the entertainer(s) without the their permission, the entertainer(s) will end their performance and leave the premises. Under these circumstances, payment will not be refunded. 

Why did my entertainer(s) leave abruptly? Entertainers will end their performance and leave the premises if they feel they are being threatened or harassed by any party guest. Under these circumstances, payment will not be refunded. As the party host it is your responsibility to make sure that your guests treat the entertainer(s) with respect. 

What will appear on my credit card statement? We offer discrete billing! Our Credit Card Identification name will appear on your statement as a marketing company.

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